I am interested in dynamic, web browser-based data visualization methods for high dimensional scientific data. In many scientific disciplines, including evolutionary biology and ecology, data that do not easily conform to standard 2-dimensional graphical methods. I aim to develop dynamic, interactive visualizations to communicate science more intuitively, both for other scientists and for the public.

My work on data visualization was supported by the Biodiversity Institute and Wyoming INBRE for the 2015–2016 academic year.


Data visualizations

(Click on thumbnail images to get full-size, interactive version)

Sunburst plot of bird relative abundance


Genetic networks


Interactive dual isotope plot
This is empirical isotope data on Catostomus species and their hybrids.

Visualization resources

These are useful for learning web-browser-based data visualization methods.


  1. Interactive Data Visualization A nice textbook, available in ebook form or on paper, with interactive examples and downloadable example code. If you are serious about learning D3, it is worth reading the whole thing and experimenting with the example code.
  2. Learning D3 A series of tutorials in basic D3 concepts.


  1. D3.js, a collection of JavaScript libraries. Steep learning curve, high flexibility. Lots of great examples, with source code.
  2. Data Voyager Interactive exploratory data analysis.
  3. htmlwidgets To be used with R.